Simercom Electronic founded its business life at textile consulting area in 1999. Since it started the business way we present solutions over the activity of revision, repairment and service using actual high tecnologies. Our aim to minimize the dependency of outland for our customers with this perspective. we became indispensable partner for our customers. With “Don’t stop your production” slogan we became alternative of one leader national and international firms. As taking Administrated technical service we took in electrronic reparing, service and sale services of Yaskawa, Setex, Emerson, Siemens, Lauer, Moeller, Barco, BH Saftec, Hms labels at the same time Control Techniques, ABB, Lenze, Baumüller, Omron, Baldar, KEB, Elsy, Advantech, Dürkopp Adler and Lafert .


Our aim to keep our leadership on position, with keep up progressive Technologies improve our talents, at the all of areas that we making operation we want to give service faster,better and rationalist solvings in these concepts keep going to success with our staffs.


Simercom Electronic is determined the institutinal values that its labors neccesarily keeping rules for realize its vision and mission. These values never will be lose its importance for our workers, at the same time the values are assimilated by our workers as rules for lifestyle and business life.

  • All of our operations and studies focus on our customers.
  • Our first target is supply customer satisfaction above their expectations.
  • We are honest, respectfull, kind, rationalist, solver and merry.
  • We never make concession about effective team work and open communication belief.